Lagos is housed in an industrial building with an area of almost 600 sq. mts. Besides the studios dedicated to the residency program, we offer studios for rent for one or more artists that need a space to develop specific projects. Studios are meant to be used for production, research, development and presentations of projects of all disciplines related to the visual and contemporary arts.

Living space
The living space can accommodate up to two people and is generally offered to one studio artist coming from outside of Mexico City. However, it is also available for people who don’t necessarily need a studio and who can make use of the common area as long as it’s not occupied by an activity of the program.

For both the studios and residency the maximum stay is 4 months in order to continue the circulation of professionals that we seek to encourage. For longer stays (up to one year) we offer an offsite 50 sq. m. loft, in the Nápoles neighbourhood, with full services.

For more information and availability:

Lagos is open to proposals from all over the world. By enabling connections within a wide network of professionals, we expect to broaden the scope of exchange and dialogue among art workers in the context of Mexico City.

At the moment, Lagos is not able to offer paid opportunities except for artists invited to the residency program, but we invite artists and professionals from all over the world to send their proposals and we offer our assistance in the search for funding and support.

Current available studios: 59 sq. mts. November 2018 to January 2019.