Event 26 Sep — 28 Sep 19

Opening Babies Born Without Brains: Condo CDMX

Featuring New Works, Chicago: Isabelle Francis McGuire, Rebecca Lothan and Antonio López

Featured at Lagos during Condo CDMX BBWNB‘s is an exhibition of works by Isabelle Francis McGuire and the curatorial project/collaborative duo New Works run by Rebecca Lothan and Antonio López. Babies Born with no Brains’ content is meant to be handled and be handled by.

A collaborative exhibition by 21 galleries across 11 Mexico City spaces

Preview: Thursday 26 September, 5pm
Dates: 26 September — 26 October 2019

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Founded in 2018, New Works is an artist run project space based in Humboldt Park, Chicago. They aim to present a diverse array of experimental exhibitions removed from medium specificity. The intermittent use of white-cube spaces against the rough industrial nature of an active studio comments on the contingent nature of curatorial dispositions. New Works is run by Antonio López and Rebecca Lothan.