Event 30 Aug 18

Open studio: Kristin Reger

End of residency show - 19h00

Flesh-toned coatings, geological textures and uncanny shapes characterise Kristin Reger’s recent work. She stretches fabric containing raw clay and hangs theses bodies to define their shape. The works are fired and then embalmed with Reger’s own glazes. Acrylic, wax, textiles and foam pieces interact with these ceramic works, birthing a universe of organic objects.

Kristin Reger is the third artist-in-residence from Lagos’ residency program. In the course of a ten-week production stay, she would’ve created new work that extends from an ongoing exploration of the relationship between costume and sculpture, an experimentation in which materials contribute to the shapes and textures of what become autonomous objects, and her own body as a reference to the dimensions and forms of new sculptures.

The Chicago-born, Mexico City-based artist has a background in textiles and fashion theory, and is a current PhD in Visual Arts candidate at UNAM, Mexico City.

[August 28, 2018]