Event 6 Feb — 23 Feb 19

Lagos in collaboration with PAPI present: MALL

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 7 -10PM

In collaboration with PAPI, Lagos is pleased to present
+ Open studios:
Luis Carrera-Maul, Lourdes Martínez, Kristin Reger, Manuel Solano

MALL is an experimental store focused on clothing that are by-products of art projects.

It is an artist-run project that places itself within the dynamics of commercial enterprises, performance art and fashion, approaching and understanding these as suitable fields for the exploration of everyday-use products as spaces for the flow of information and knowledge. The project aims to find places of circulation and discussion towards art outside the institutional, domestic and digital walls.

MALL produces spaces that stimulate the production, socialization and discussion about contemporary art and its relationship with other disciplines; it reflects around the utility of works of art under the premises of “ready to wear” while renovating the dynamics that rule the circulation and marketing of art by submitting it to the agility and demographic reach of the clothing stores.

Clothing are works of art, and works of art are clothing; people who buy it and/or wear it are mobile public exhibitions, dematerialising the work to a social process: a place for conversation and a pedagogical exercise.

Lagos in collaboration with PAPI are pleased to present this project as a collective work with artists, agents and self-organized projects from Latin America.

The store opens on Wednesday, February 6 at 19 h. at the same time of the open studios of the artists in residence. It will stay open until February 23.

The open studios are part of the monthly activities at Lagos, in which both residents and studio artists open their working spaces to show work in process.


Artist participating in this MALL’s edition:

Adriana Minoliti (ARG) – Agustín Nicolás Rivero (COL) – Alejandro Salcedo (COL) – AMIGAS (COL) – Anabella Papa (ARG) – Andrés Felipe Uribe (COL) – Bobby Ladan (USA) – CARNE Gallery (COL) – Carolina Rosso (COL) – Chloé Isabel Wilcox (USA) – Daniel Jiménez (COL) – Diana Marcela Cuartas (COL) – Emilio Bianchic (UY) – Felipe Villamil (COL) – Fernanda Laguna (ARG) – Hermes Villena (BOL) – Ian Solaski (USA) – Josefina Labourt (ARG) – Josefina Muñoz (COL) – Juan Echeverri (COL) – Juan Killian (ARG) – Juan Obando (COL) – Juan Sebastián Peláez (COL) – Juan Uribe (COL) – Juni Figueroa (PR) – Laura Codega (ARG) – Lucia Von Sprecher (ARG) – Manuel Mendoza (PR) – Marcela Sinclair (ARG) – María Luisa Sanín (COL) – Maruki Nowaki (ARG) – Máximo Pedraza (ARG) – Muñoz Mustafa (COL) – Natalia Soto (CL) – Pablo Bernard (ARG) – Paula Castro (ARG) – Paula Mendoza (COL) – Octavio Garabello (ARG) – Santiago Cancino (CL) – Santiago Paredes (ARG) – Sartori&Watson (ARG) – Sofía Sartori (ARG) – Valeria Giraldo (COL) – Valentín Demarco (ARG) – Villamil & Villamil (COL)

About the projects:

MALL began its activities on October of 2018 as an alternative room of the independent space NUEVO MIAMI in Bogotá, Colombia. Nevertheless, from its beginning, MALL has been looking for creating links with other agents from places outside Bogotá which operate under similar premises. This has been done through pop ups that work in the way of a franchise, all done with the intention of making visible and circulating, discussing and connecting proposals and ideas that we consider to be relevant and appropriate beyond a particular and local circuit.

PAPI [Programa de arte público independiente] PAPI is a site-specific exhibition program in Mexico City. Its curatorial interests are related with the use and access to the notion of public space.

Open from February 6 to 23, 2019
Laguna de Tamiahua 3, col. Anáhuac I Sección, CDMX 11320