Exhibition 7 Nov — 7 Dec 19

BUY US! Cuerpxs, consuma y trabaje

Lagos & NeriIBarranco present a group exhibition, curated by Clavel (Angela Cuahutle & Gaby Cepeda)

Cuerpxs, consuma y trabaje

Débora Delmar
Tobías Dirty
María Emilia García
Madeline Jiménez Santil

Presented by
Curated by Clavel (Ángela Cuahutle & Gaby Cepeda)

November 7 – December 7, 2019

Opening: Thursday, November 7, 7:30PM
Performance by Tobías Dirty 8:30PM

BUY US! gathers artworks that reflect upon the body in relation to the current consumption society, thinking about publicity, pleasure, artifice and desire as concepts that intertwine to articulate different forms of consumerism. Bodies are understood then as places where acquisitive power is held, the adherence to hegemonic canons and the brainwashing of labor exploitation –the body itself as a place of work in the gig economy–, but where potent criticism to the mentioned structures is formulated.

About the artists:

Débora Delmar (México 1986)

Débora Delmar investigates the consumerism culture, the lifestyles of capitalism and aspirational aesthetics, problematizing them from the effects they have on the daily life of globalization, the hegemonic culture and the gender, race and class canons in the mainstream advertising.

Tobías Dirty (Argentina, 1990)

Tobías Dirty’s work criticizes the precarious position of artists in the attention economy. His work combine symbols and references of pop culture, counterculture and personal experiences, in an aesthetic of excess that seeks to queer-ify objects, subjects and work.

María Emilia García (México, 1992)

María Emilia explores topics such as hyperconsumism and the strategies that corporations and institutions use to manipulate consumers. His practice raises criticism considering gender and class.

Madeline Jiménez Santil (República Dominicana, 1986)

Madeline investigates the relationships between the body/matter and geometry, rethinking the condition of the exotic, the strange and the migration, addressing them from the understanding of his own body and in permanent dialogue with the space around it.

Betzamee (México, 1991)

Betzamee analyzes the construction of identity as part of the artistic process and proposes collaboration as a formative model. His paintings abound in visual ignominy, with discursive gestures that address the confessional from the feminism.

This exhibition is possible thanks to a collaboration betweenNERIBarranco y Lagos and is the result of our program of collaborations with other local and international independent projects and agents.