Exhibition 5 Sep — 26 Oct 19

Gallery Weekend Mexico: KAVIAR

Luis Carrera-Maul, Lourdes Marínez, Leonel Salguero, Manuel Solano, Michael Ray-Von, Kristin Reger

KAVIAR is a collective exhibition of three-dimensional works.

The word caviar comes from the Turkish khãvyãr and means carrier of eggs. So nothing stays in its place, or is what it might be.

With so much history to be rectified behind, it is hard to decipher if its value self sustains by the myth, if it is acquired taste or if it is truly delicious.

Just like art.

For the Gallery Weekend, Lagos inaugurates an exhibition of three–dimensional works by the artists in residence from past year. Showing artworks in the medium of sculpture but with an expansive understanding of it, we intend to also reflect upon the processes of art-making under the specificity of the residency model that is the core of our project.

Simultaneously, studio artist Ana Segovia and current resident Liv Schulman will open their studios.

Special thanks to sodA mundial and Tequila 1800.