Exhibition 30 Aug — 16 Sep 18

Kristin Reger

End-of-residency exhibition

Flesh-toned coatings, geological textures, and uncanny shapes characterize Kristin Reger’s recent work. She stretches pantyhose containing raw clay and hangs theses bodies to define their shape. The works are fired and then embalmed with Reger’s own glazes. Acrylic, wax, textiles, and foam interact with these ceramic pieces, birthing a universe of organic objects.

The current exhibition displays a body of work created during the artist’s residency at Lagos. While the first month was almost entirely dedicated to glaze research, more than 120kg of clay were modeled during the second and almost 280kg will have become sculptures by the end of her residency, on September the 24th.

Apart from the studio, most works were made at Cerámica La Mejor, a ceramics factory on the second floor of Lagos’ building.


Curated by Kristin Reger and Antonella Rava