About us

Lagos is a studio space, residency and exhibitions program in Mexico City.

Lagos seeks to support artists at crucial points in their careers in three ways: through providing professional work spaces, by facilitating collaborations with technical specialists, and by promoting the intersection of art professionals and new audiences through a diverse program that includes open studios and exhibitions.

Lagos is open to artists, curators, writers, editors and cultural agents, providing the opportunity to immerse themselves in the city’s creative arena. Our space is open to proposals, collaborations and projects that broaden the discussion of current problematics addressed by contemporary art projects.

Lagos is an organisation supporting art projects and their agents in the context of the Mexico City artistic community.

Lagos was founded by artist Luis Carrera-Maul as a result of previous studio-sharing initiatives focused on the production of collaborative art projects. The residency program was created by him and Antonella Rava.

Luis Carrera-Maul
Antonella Rava
Artistic Director
José Julián Carrera-Maul
Erik Lozano Hanneder
Guateque Producciones
Production, fundraising, PR
Independent Public Art Program
Interglobal Vision
Web design and development - ongoing
FE I Fair Entrepreneur
For the fair commerce of art
UK + Mexico exchange art projects
Cerámica La Mejor
Collaborating supplier
Taller F Guadalajara
Photography studio partner
Wood workshop
Terremoto Magazine
Tequila 1800