Evento 23 Feb — 23 Feb 19

Goodbye Mall in Lagos Punch

Mall en Lagos

Saturday, February 23rd – from 1:00pm

MALL at Lagos is a franchise of #mallenmiami that brings together for the first time in Mexico the work of 45 artists from the Americas, thanks to a network of distribution and support that spans from Detroit to Buenos Aires.

MALL is an experimental store that focuses on pieces that are the byproducts of art processes and aims to encourage those who buy its pieces to function as public mobile exhibitions, broadening the demographic range in which contemporary art circulates and is discussed beyond its usual parameters. In this way, each buyer is transformed into an agent of mobile art, dematerializing the art object into a social process–a space for conversation and a pedagogical exercise.

This Saturday, February 23, Mall at Lagos presents a special installation, unbelievable discounts, and a never-ending fountain of punch by Radamés Juni Figueroa.